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Advantage of the seaman’s profession

For some, the profession of a sailor is shrouded in romance. The boundless landscapes, foreign countries and high wages are immediately presented. However, people who managed to tie their lives to work on the ship, say that everything is not so cloudless. And if you are interested in the profession of a sailor, please click on the link marpol.

Who is a sailor?

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He is any member of a crew on voyages on civil or military vessels. A sailor is a common name, uniting representatives of different professions, furrowing the endless blue expanses. It is an ordinary sailor, a cook, a captain.

The profession of a sailor is of great social importance. It is most common in port cities. On an international ship, the crew may consist of representatives of different nationalities, including Russians. But according to the sailors themselves, this profession is most often practiced by Filipinos.


Work only at first glance may seem simple. The profession of a sailor carries with it some dangers. For example, by visiting different countries, a crew member may catch a disease from which he did not develop immunity because of living in a different climate.

Working at sea implies not quite comfortable conditions. You will have to do routine work day in day out, without being able to change the environment. You also have to endure rocking and vibration.

However, not everything is so pessimistic. Some people are happy to contemplate beautiful landscapes, breathe in fresh salty air and the opportunity to visit distant countries.

The profession of a sailor is available to those who have the skills necessary to work on a ship. On merchant and military fleets there are no extra or casual people. Each crew member performs his functions.

If the profession of a long distance sailor is attractive to you, you should be ready to be away from home for months. Flight can last 4-6 months. Not every potential candidate is ready to spend so much time away from friends and family.

How to become a sailor?

It is not easy to choose the case of a lifetime. The profession of a sailor for children is attractive by the possibility of long voyages and learning new things. Some pre-school children dream to do this job.

If they grow up, they will not change their mind and will not change their choice, it will be possible to get a specialty related to navigation in one of the many maritime educational institutions. Several years of training can turn a novice specialist into an excellent sailor.

There are many specialties that are not directly related to navigation, but are also needed on a ship – cook, motorist, mechanic, etc. It is possible to master these professions in ordinary educational institutions, and after their completion no one forbids to connect life with the sea.

Experienced specialists say that this is not just a job, but the meaning of life. Otherwise, what can make a person go on a voyage, leaving the usual life on a large land?