“Why do we need Instagram?” – this question is asked by almost every ordinary user of ordinary social networks. In the social networks we are used to, a completely different type of communication is used, namely, private messages and buy insta likes content attached to the “wall”. On Instagram, everything is completely different.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular, especially among young people, social networks, which allows not only to share photos and small video stories with friends, but also the opportunity, for some, to show their successes in life and their beautiful appearance to millions of people around the world.

It is enough to have a budget smartphone with a camera, and if you have a good camera, you can become one of the installers with a 100% guarantee. The quality of the images does not matter much, you can take photos even on a simple “soap box”. Just like in all social networks, on Instagram you can exchange not only photo content, but also small messages in the “direct”, as well as write comments on photos and videos.

Separately, it should be noted that Instagram has a wonderful function of conducting “live broadcast”, which allows you to broadcast in real time any event that the user is present, wanting to show their subscribers their pastime.

In this video, Pavel Lobachev will tell you what the hashtags on instagram are for, how to use them correctly:

What is it for?

It’s no secret that many people want to become popular, public, so that everyone sees their success, and in general, sometimes they just want to boast of their next purchases or their own creativity.

Most manufacturers of various products, whether fashionable clothes, cosmetics, products and even toys, have their own Instagram page. This helps to make a kind of “showcase” of their products. And using the possibilities of various photo adjustments, advertised products give a presentable look, which immediately, of course, attracts potential buyers.

Also on Instagram, it is possible to simply store photos that can be lost for various reasons, for example, if you lose your smartphone, as a result of a malfunction in the operating system, or accidentally delete electronic devices from the memory.

Purpose of using Instagram

The desire to be in the spotlight means more publications, using maximum tags and attracting new subscribers, including through the expression of mutual sympathy (“likes”).

To begin with, everyone needs to determine the purpose of registration and further presence in this “meeting place” of a huge number of people. It could be:

Elementary “tribute” to modern hobbies;
A way of earning, or advertising your own products;
Improving your own self-esteem, due to the large number of “likes” and comments.
But in the latter case, you need to be careful in choosing the content for your page. By uploading your personal photos, especially if they are “frank” in nature, the user runs the risk of being on the Internet, accessible to the whole world. And it is not a fact that inappropriate photos that can characterize you on the negative side will not be seen by your current or potential employer.

If the goal is only to exchange content with a limited circle of users (friends, relatives, colleagues), then it is worth making your profile private and not add unfamiliar subscribers.